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Your Ranger Bottle

Thank you for Being a Ranger

Your patience and faith is finally going to pay off. Your four year old, high rye, sour mashed, New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon, picked from the best barrels we produced in your Ranger month, is ready to go. 

A. Come to a Ranger Bottling Party, and Bottle your own!


We have scheduled several options for every Ranger class to be able to come to our brand new West Newport campus and bottle your own Ranger Bottle. We will have the bar open, snacks, music, and the bottling line running!  Follow the links below, organized by Ranger Month, and you will be able to book a spot.You are invited to bring ONE guest to the party. 

You and your guest must be 21 years or older to attend.

Only Rangers from the scheduled months will be able to attend and bottle at that month’s bottling party. We will only be working with one month/barrel at a time.

B.  You don’t want to, or cannot make your Ranger Month’s Bottling Party.

If you cannot make it to any of the dates available for your Ranger month, or you would rather pick your bottle up another time, we will have your Ranger bottle bottled and prepared starting the last day of your Ranger Month. We will hold it at the Distillery for six months from the last day of your Ranger month. For example, if you are a July of 2014 Ranger, your bottle will be available for pick up until January 30th 2019. (Six months from July 31st, 2018).  After those 180 days, you will forfeit your right to the Ranger Bottle from your specific month, but we will always fulfill your membership with a standard release of New Riff Bourbon.

C. I missed my Ranger Bottling Party, what happens now?

No worries, you or your representative can simply pick up your Ranger Bottle anytime during our normal gift shop hours at the Distillery starting the last day of your Ranger Month. If someone else will pick it up in your name, please be sure to fill out the form below so they may be your Designated Ranger.

D. I can’t make it, but I have  someone who will pick it up for me.

If you would like to have someone pick up your bottle at the distillery, or head to the bottling party on your behalf, please fill out the form below and they will be able to serve as your “Designated Ranger.”  We will allow them to act as a Ranger in your absence. Please note, if your Designated Ranger will attend the bottling party on your behalf they also need to reserve a spot via the links below, and can indeed bring a guest.

Designated Ranger

Fill out if someone else will be picking up your Ranger Membership
  • Will read something like 1116-007 (Month/Day/Number). If you do not know your Ranger Number please contact us directly at or 859-261-7433


I forgot what my Ranger Month is?

Give us a call at 859-261-7433 or email and we will let you know.

What happens next?

As Rangers, you will continue to receive emails from New Riff when there is news, product releases, or special events to share. You will continue to always receive 10% off in our gift shop as well. We also have some plans for some special Ranger specific releases down the road.

Can we (my friends?Club?Business?) buy a Whole Barrel?

Yes, we offer a robust Single Barrel Program. You and your group will be able to make the barrel selection yourself in person at our West Newport Campus. Please Email if you are interested.

What If I loved the Bottling party so much I want to do it again?

Well, no. BUT, starting in 2019 if you participate in our Single Barrel Program you can arrange (and pay for) a private bottling party to celebrate and bottle your barrel selection. Please Email if you are interested.

Can you ship me my Ranger bottle?

Well, that is an interesting question. A recent Kentucky Law, HB400, just passed and will allow us to ship bottles to Kentucky addresses as long as customers purchased their bottle in person here at the Distillery. If you purchased you Ranger Membership in person and would like your bottle shipped to a Kentucky address when it is ready, please email us at

Can people still join the program?

Unfortunately, no. Our Ranger Program closed June 24th, 2018. However we have launched an evolution of the club, The New Riff Whiskey Club. Click here for details!

For any other inquiries, please email

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