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Our building is glass. Our intentions clear.
Visit us in Newport.


859-261-RIFF (7433)

24 Distillery Way Newport KY 41073

Distillery Shop and Tours

Closed Monday
Tuesday – Thursday 11am – 7pm
Friday & Saturday 11am – 8pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm

New Riff West Newport Warehouse Campus

859-261-RIFF (7433)

1104 Lowell Street Newport KY 41071

Not Open to the Public
By Appointment Only


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take photos and/or film at the Distillery?

Handheld filming and photography are permitted at New Riff Distilling and at New Riff West Campus provided that such activity does not interfere with regular tours, scheduled single barrel selections, events, functions, and does not pose a security, health, or safety risk. Further, the use or re-use of the filming or photography output must not be deemed inconsistent with the interests of, or in violation of, the policies of the Distillery.

The use of tripods, stands, drones, off camera lighting, or any other equipment or materials deemed hazardous by New Riff staff is not allowed.

Is there parking available at the Distillery?

Yes, there is a parking lot directly in front of the building.

Do you have tours?

Yes, visit our Tours page to see our tours, tastings and experiences. We are proud members of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail .

Can we bring kids into the distillery?

Children are welcome in our gift shop and visitor center. Guests participating on distillery/bourbon tours must be of legal drinking age (twenty-one years of age) Drink Responsibly.

Is New Riff Gluten Free?

Yes, all New Riff whiskeys and gins are gluten-free.

Gluten is present in the mash of grains that we ferment into distillers beer. (This gluten comes from the rye and malted barley and other grains in the mash, not from the corn in Bourbon which is gluten-free.)

But the glutens in the beer do not transfer into the finished distilled spirit. When we distill that beer, and run it through our stills (and put in a barrel and age it for years), absolutely zero of the gluten comes through the still into the spirit. The spent grains and their gluten content go out of the still in a distiller’s byproduct called stillage.

Now, does that mean a celiac sufferer or gluten-sensitive individual can tolerate distilled spirits in their diet? That’s a question for the individual and their doctor—and at New Riff we are not doctors, so we’ll shy away from dispensing actual medical advice. Again, ask a doctor. But all New Riff whiskeys—and all other whiskeys that were ever made—are gluten-free.

Are tours ADA accessible? Do you have an elevator?

Yes, our Distillery and Tasting Room are both accessible.

Do you ship bottles Internationally?

We work with a retailer out of the UK who ships to over 66 countries. Visit them here!

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