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When you think of a Bloody Mary, you probably think vodka or maybe even gin. A lonely celery stick, a basic pickle, or maybe a whole fried chicken. With so many variations and so many different recipes, the history of the Bloody Mary can be equally convoluted. There are no less than three stories about the popular brunch cocktail’s origins, but in light of spooky season, I have chosen my favorite… The story of Mary Tudor- The original Bloody Mary.


Queen Mary was the first ever Queen of England to rule, following a short-lived reign of her half-brother, Edward VI. During her five-year reign, Mary had hundreds of Protestant heretics executed, most of which were burned alive in an utterly barbaric manner. When Mary died in the mid 1500’s, her very Protestant sister, Elizabeth I, took the throne.


During Elizabeth’s reign, a Protestant writer named John Foxe wrote his famed “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” in which he depicted in detailed images, Mary’s executions. It was this bloodied and nightmarish lineage, put to pages, that earned her the name “Bloody Mary”.


We don’t love Bloody Marys just because of their gorey past. We love them for their shocking simplicity and ability to morph into a mini meal, fit for a Queen.

2 oz New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

1 oz fresh Lime juice

1 can of Q-Brand Bloody Mix

*Rimming Mix

Fresh lemon or lime slices

Garnishes (pickled items, meats, cheeses)


Rim a highball glass with prepared mix* (first dip the rim in lime juice, then into a separate container with rimming mix). Add Bourbon, lime juice, and bloody mix. Lightly shake and then strain into highball glass filled with ice. Load up your garnish tree and enjoy!


*Rimming Mix:

1 container of Colonel De’s Bourbon Smoked Sugar
1 container of Colonel De’s Bourbon Smoked Salt
1/4 cup of Tajin


Mix all ingredients together in a sealable container. Store at room temp for up to 1 month.


Highball Glass

Although you can use a rocks glass, Kentucky Bloodys are best served in a highball, giving you the most room for garnishes. Plus, who wouldn't want a bigger drink?

Shaker Tin

Provides a spot to build your drink before adding ice and shaking.


This measuring tool allows you to make the same drink every time without guessing. This is a must!

Hawthorne Strainer

Fits snuggly on top of your shaker tin to help strain out any ice when pouring the cocktail.


If you don't have one of these in your home already, they are inexpensive and make peeling citrus and other items easy for garnishes. Try adding cucumber and carrot peels instead of chunks or slices!


Try using two jar lids to keep your rimming mixture from getting chunky and stale. One lid for citrus, one for rimming mix.

Cocktail garnish
tree pick

The jewel in Mary's crown! Once you've used one, you won't make your Kentucky Bloody any other way! Not only do these look beautiful in the glass, but they keep your garnishes customizable and secure so you can munch at your leisure while everything stays fresh.

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