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New Riff Gives direct support to STEAM educators in our own backyard to better equip them to bring up the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and maybe distillers who will propel New Riff, the Bourbon industry, and our community forward.

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New Riff Gives wants to build the bridge between our local STEAM teachers and the inspiring professionals in our industry. We will spend each and every dollar raised directly on teacher appreciation gifts and costs associated with guest speakers, experiences and presentations and events and initiatives. We’ll fill the gaps to lift morale by showing teacher support, and creating meaningful and approachable opportunities for students and teachers to engage with science, technology, engineering and math in their classrooms and the professional world.

Recognizing we’re in the first years of New Riff Gives, we understand that if we’re doing our job well we raise more funds that we currently have plans for. In this case, we’ll continue to engage directly with the Newport Public Schools and our Community Partners to ensure we’re making the most impact we can with every dollar. We’ll keep you updated here.

As a Bourbon Distillery, we’re used to patiently building a foundation that will mature and improve with age. We know that in order to fulfill our mission we must listen, learn and evolve as we go. We ask you, the supporters of this effort, to join us!

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