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Sourcing the Starchy Building Blocks of Bourbon.

Introducing Charles Fogg, of Decatur County, Indiana. Mr. Fogg supplies non-GMO yellow dent corn to New Riff Distilling. But he’s no ordinary farmer. In fact, the Foggs were painstakingly trained by former Seagram’s master distillers in the quality control checks used at some of the region’s finest old distilleries. Charles checks every shipment of corn for foreign material, non-GMO status, moisture content, and the all-important organoleptic test. Basically, the corn is approved as perfect before it leaves his silo.

Our rye comes to us from the industry’s leading supplier of rye to the Bourbon industry.  This particular rye meets the stringent cleanliness requirements laid down by our consulting master distiller, Larry Ebersold during his tenure at Seagram’s Indiana plant. Rye of this quality is critical to successful production of a 95% rye whiskey. Grown in Northern Europe (typically Sweden), this proven rye supply is the best there is and essential for our rye recipe.

Our distiller’s malted barley comes to us from American maltsters who mostly supply the brewing industry. Additionally, thanks to New Riff’s innovative grain handling equipment, we can process any bag of grain, from 50 pounds up to 2,200, into our mill and cooker. So of course we have gone a little crazy with the number of different Bourbon mashbills we have generated, and malted rye, chocolate malt, oats and wheats and colorful heirloom things and many more have been devoured by our still. To which we can only say, good whiskeys come to those who wait for good whiskeys.


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